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W0l'dS. By J. B. Rvs, M A.,
formerly History Scholar of Balliol
College, Oxford, and HORACE G.
A GROSER. Demy 8vo, cloth, Io/6 net.
After a careful examination of the published
writings and speeches of Kitchener, the authors
have constructed a narrative of the events of his
lite, told as far as is possible in his own words.
They have incorporated in it a large collection
` of his pronouncements, e.g , on the Administra-
tion of Armies, the Functions of a Stafï General
Iotfre, Lord French, Sir Douglas Ilaig, Lords
Lromer and Milner, the Development of ltlgypt
and the Soudan, Turkish misrule in Asia Minor,
the Cotton Industry, the State in relation to
trade and comnerce, Education-military and
civil-Hunting and Polo regarded from a
military standpoint, and the Boy Scouts.
Kitchener's experience was vast and varied.
He was an indefatigable worker, and a very keen
and accurate observer-a scientist before he
became a great ioldier and statesman. He
thought tor himself and expressed his thoughts in
simple, unambigu us, and sometimes, humorous
The man of action has disappeared, it is time
to study his ideas. To men and women wishing
to esttmate the amount of the enormous debt
owed by the British Empire and by the rest of
the civilised world to Kitchener, and, ar the same
time, to understand his mentality, this book may
be contidently reconmended. It contains the
opinions as to his work, character and capacity
expressed by contemxuorary experts, and also a
large number of lit·le·known descriptions written
by eye-witnesses and published contemporaneously
with the events described.
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