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:1 by the Chancellor to justify as the attainment
1 _ of reasonable security against the repetition
of a similar attack in the future.
Obvious though the falsity of this view
, . may be to us, it would be a gross error to
T neglect it, and it is therefore necessary to
examine in the closest detail the argument
[ on which it is based in order to discover what
. ยท is the evidence for it, and what is the real
[ truth as to the alleged peaceful disposition
[ of the German Government and the actions
L of the Russian Government. In doing this,
it is necessary to concentrate our attention
U on the events in Berlin and St. Petersburg
T on july 2gth and 30th. We must follow the
' lead and deal with the matter on the ground
chosen by the Germans themselves. I have
attempted to show that even on their own
field their cause entirely breaks down.
X But in truth the terms of the controversy, as
expressed by them, are misleading. It is not
by concentrating attention on the events of
these two days that we can get to the real
responsibility. To get a fair view we must
tell the whole story. The question is wrongly
p put when we are asked to discuss whether
Russia was justified in carrying out mobilisa-
tion on these two days. As I read the story,