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B These statements have been propounded
with the object of convineing those who read ·
them that the war is the result of a plan,
E deliberately formed, under the leadership of
Great Britain, with the object first of attacking l
the German Empire with the forces of a
superior coalition and then of annihilating it.
This theory is so completely removed from
_ the truth that it is difficult to believe that "
2 the German Chancellor, who in the past had
many opportunities of acquainting himself with
the true nature of British policy, himself in
reality gives credit to it. By its very unreason
_ it has largely failed in its effect in neutral
countries. In Germany, however, it is widely _
held, and it is no doubt to a great extent
responsible for the support given by the Ger-
man nation to methods of warfare, which,
undefensible as they are, might ünd some
justiücation in the minds of those who have ‘
D been taught to believe that their country
is the object of a dishonourable and unpro-
voked attack. It is also no doubt one of
the reasons why the German nation have
l been led to demand, as a result of a victorious
war, terms of peace which would in fact imply «
the complete predominance of Germany in
Europe, demands which they have been taught