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the night of july 3oth-­-31st; and secondly,
that for this action of the Russian Govern~
ment Great Britain was responsible. As he
~ says: " The act which made war inevitable
was the Russian general mobilisation which
was ordered on the night of july 30th-31st,
IQI4,” and " The truth is, Russia would
never have decided on the iateful step if she
had not been encouraged to it from the Thames
by acts of commission and omission." As
he expressed it in his speech on December 2nd,
1914, " these two states, England and Russia
together, bear before God and humanity the
responsibility for this catastrophe which has
o broken over Europe and over mankind ";
and again, " the responsibility for this greatest
of all wars lies clearly before us. The external
responsibility belongs to those men in Russia
_ who urged on and carried through the general
mobilisation of the Russian army. The inner
responsibility rests with the Government of
_ Great Britain."
Both statements are completely false. It
was not Russian niobilisation which was the
real cause of war; Russian mobilisation did
i not make war inevitable, and it was not Great
Britain who was responsible ior this action
of the Russian Government.