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as those who have followed the controversy
will be aware, this period has assumed a very
special importance, for it is during these
hours that there took plaee an apparent ehange
of front on the part of the German Govern-
ment, and, in particular, it was then that the
orders by the Russian Government calling up
the reserves were issued. Now it is on this
p that German writers and apologists for Ger-
G many in this and other countries have fastened ;
they would make it appear that at this time
there was a strong and deünite effort on
the part of Germany to procure peace, and
. that this was prevented by the action of
Russia, who was secretly encouraged by .
Great Britain.
This explanation has, during the last two
years, been repeated and elaborated by the
Chancellor himself, both in speeches and in .
official and semi­official publications of the
German Government. It has, moreover, been
assiduously spread, both in Germany and in .
neutral countries, and in fact has been the
basis of a world-wide propaganda carried on
at the cost of the German Government. The
theory which the Chaneellor puts forward is f
that the sole reason which made war inevitable
was the issue of the mobilisation order on