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The History of Twelve Days.
July 24th te August 4th, 1914.
Being an account of the negotiations preceding
the outbreak of war, based on the ofhcial
publications. By NV. HEADLAM, M.A., '
formerly Fellow of Kings College, Cambridge.
Cloth, ro/6 net. Second Edition. (Third
"Mr. Headlam has written an exeeptionally full, clear, and able
analysis of the diplomatie neg_otiations during the twelve
momeutous days before Great Britain entered the war."-­.'Z`/ze
Tzmcs. `
"Mr. j. W. Headlam has done a great service, not only to the
historian of the future, but to the intelligent reader of to­clay, in
rcdncing to coherent order, and providing with an acute and
judi« ious commentary, the tangled medley of doctnnents recording
the negotiations which prcceded the wan"-Y/zc Dafgz A`r»zt·s.
" Nothing better on this subject has anpeared. It is tirst-rate in
its clearness of narrative, its sobriety of judgment, and its
scholarly arrangement."-The 5]>cr/a/or.
"In order to arrive at a clear judgment of the individual
responsibility of the various belligt rents for the war now raeing
it is essential to trace the policy of each from the beginning of
the crisis down to the outbreak of hostilities. This task has
been perlormed by Mr. _]. W. Headlxm with complete success,
and his book is therefore a most valnable contribution to the
diplomatie history of the war/’-­Dm'Q» Ta/qgwajb/2.
"'l`his is one of the boolrs for which one prcdicts a permanent
place in the literature of the xvar."- ç(i/lH'(l,lU/ Rctukw.
" Ilr. lleadlam has so far produced the completest record and
the best commentary we have met with concerning the fatlul
tvvelve days that precedcd the war. It is a book which every
one who can allord it ought to possess."-­«Szmcz’¢zy Times.
T. I·`lSHl§R UNVVIN, LTD, 1, Aclelphi Terraec, LONDON.
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