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The Invasion and the
ly O I
.­ · O
. War m Belgium From l
Liege to the Yscr. wat 5
a sketch of the diplomatie negotiations
prcceding the conflict. By LEON l
VAN DER ESSEN, LL.D., Professor
Q of History in the University of
, Louvain. VVith about 25 Maps and
Plans. Demy Svo, cloth, 15/- net.
This book gives for the tirst time a complete
and connected account of the main features of the
invason of Belgium, down to the battle of the
_ `Yser. It throws full light on many episodes
unknown to the tnhlic. and describes in detail the
sicge ot Liege, the siege of Namur, the siege of
Antwerp, the comhats of the Sambre, and the
battle of Mons. The work is a critical account,
_ based on authentic sources, no alleged facts of a
legcndary character having been included. The
sources arc always qnoml, so as to enable the
reader to check the evidence. On the outrages
committed by the German invaders, the author
has written many brilliant chapters: the real
facts about the destruction of Louvain, Dinant,
Tamines, Termonde, and many other places are
` told with scientific restraint, and on a basis of
carefully sifted evidence. This is the ürst work
that gives a critical history of the invasion in
Belgium, and as such is bound to attract the
attention of all those who want reliable informa~
._ tion on what occurred during the first phase of
the war.
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