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the relative time of Russian and Austrian
l mobilisation, though he obscures it by the
i wording of his phrases. Wishing to make it
X appear that Austrian mobilisation was preceded
and caused by that of Russia, he says that
J the Russian took place " on the night of july
goth-3rst," while of Austrian mobilisation
gi he says, " only after the general mobilisation
had taken place in Russia did Austria­Hungary,
ç on the morning of ]uly 31st, also proceed to
A a general mobilisation." This is not the case.
Q The Austrian mobilisation did indeed take
pi place on the morning of july 31st, but at
T a very early hour in the morning, so early
A that it was possibly actually before that
of Russia, and certainly before that of Russia
· was known. These are perhaps small matters.
It is not in truth on this question of hours
and minutes that the responsibility for the
p war rests, but it is not a small matter that
l he commits himself to inaccuracies of this