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when any matter arises in which a Power
is at issue with Germany, they are to be A
forbidden to take the smallest measures of ;
precaution, and that if they even strengthen Y
the frontier garrison, this is a reason for reject­
ing any proposals for mediation or arbitration.
These are perhaps the most important, but
they are not the only points in this speech
T which require comment. In his efforts to ll
mislead the world as to the true nature of ä
the military measures taken by the different A
’ Powers he mis-states the simplest facts; for I
T instance, he states " that France ordered her E
_ own mobilisation some hours earlier than we ,
ourselves proceeded to m0bilisation." The ‘
T point is not of great importance, for, anyhow,
{ the French order for mobilisation came a full "
T day after the proclamation of Kricgsgefahr
in Germany, and after the despatch of the
German ultimatum to Russia. The facts, how- p
ever, are that French mobilisation was ordered ;
at 3.40 p.m. on August 1st, and that of
Germany at 5 p.m. on the same day. Allowing
" for the difference of time between Paris and V
Q Berlin, a little more than half­an-hour elapsed,
so that in fact the two orders were practically
· issued at the same time. But he makes s
precisely a similar mis­statement regarding °
P l