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to this formula was: " The preparations for
general mobilisation will be proceeded with
if this proposal is rejected by Austria, and
the inevitable result will be a European war."
This proposal was rejected, not by Austria i
but by Germany, because it was never even
conveyed to Austria.
K 3. The only other information which came
from Berlin was the statement put into the
.. Lokalawzeigef that German mobilisation had
been ordered. This was immediately con-
tradicted, but the fact could not be without i
influence upon their minds. It must be inter- i
preted as a signiĆ¼cant symptom that mobili-
sation was immediately impending, and as
we now know, it was rightly so interpreted y
because we know that this statement, false . `
though it was, was deliberately published by i
the military party as a means of countering
the peaceful efforts of the Chancellor. ig
From Germany therefore all the news that '
came was as bad as possible. T
From Austria, they heard only that she _
was continuing her military operations, Bel-
grade was being bombarded, and strong Aus-
trian forces were marching against Serbia on i
threejldifferent points. Conversations with
Count Berchtold also showed no indication A