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was a complete refusal. The answer is so im-
portant that it must again be quoted at length :
" I ask your Excellency to convey our
warm thanks to the Secretary of State E
9 for the communications made to us through
Herr von Tschirschky, and to declare to
him that in spite of the change in the situation
T which has since arisen through the mobili- ’l
sation of Russia, we are quite prepared ,
1 to entertain the proposal of Sir E. Grey
f to negotiate between us and Serbia.
1 " The conditions of our acceptance are,
iq nevertheless, that our military action against y
nl Serbia should continue to take its course, F
5 and that the British Cabinet should move
f the Russian Government to bring to a
standstill the Russian mobilisation which
is directed against us, in which case, of course, l
] we will also at once cancel the defensive
g military counter­measures in Galicia, which are A
occasioned by the Russian attitude." (A. 51).
i That is to say, they are to continue the 4
ik attack upon Serbia, but the Russian mobili-
sation is to be suspended. Now, Grey’s pro- l
i" posal had been that the suspension of Russian
i mobilisation should be set olï against the sus- _,
lj pension of the attack upon Serbia. This is
E refused.
, H
l 6