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A basis. As I have sh0wn,* the suggestions
contained in these discussions were of a different
kind altogether. They were occupied with
the final settlement, and they were conducted l
on the basis that both Powers would imme­ i
diately complete their mobilisation. The in- §
vasion of Serbia would continue, mobilisation
on both sides would continue, but at A
the same time discussions also would continue.
The result of these discussions must, in
fact, have been this, that they would encourage
the Russian Government to mobilise because ,
they would get the impression that this would
not necessarily mean a final breach with
Austria, while it would mean that Russia i
would be able to continue negotiations on A
equal terms while Austria was continuing the
war with Serbia.
That there may be no doubt about this,
let me quote from the dispatch of Sir Maurice
de Bunsen, which was sent from Vienna on i
july 31st : " I am informed by Count Forgach,
Under Secretary of State, that although Austria E
was compelled to respond to Russian mobili­ l
sation which he deplored, the Austrian Am- l
bassador in London has received instructions T
to inform you that mobilisation was not to
* "History of Twelve Days," page 211, etc.