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couched in similar phraseology, then indeed
the contentions of Glaukos would be correct,
and §gRussian mobilisation would have been ,
unjustified. For the fact that this news was
not imparted from Berlin would, of course, A
suggest that Germany was not going to
support this proposition. She did not do so.
Why not? No explanation has been forth-
coming. ,
A very important question arises regarding A
this telegram. It was the first intimation .
received in St. Petersburg from Sir Edward
Grey direct regarding his new proposal for
mediation. It is possible that a previous i
telegram had been sent from the Russian
Ambassador in London, but there is no evidence i
that this was so, and he could obviously only
have given a general warning that a new
proposal was under consideration. We, there-
fore, wish to know when this telegram from i
Sir Edward Grey was received in St. Peters- _
burg and when it was communicated by Sir
George Buchanan to M. Sazonoff. To this it i
is impossible to give a definite answer, but we p
may certainly say that it was not despatched Y
till late in the evening and it will probably
eventually be found that it did not reach St.
Petersburg in time for Sir George Buchanan