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that was ever seen," and this was answered
again on the 30th by the telegram I have
just quoted. In both answers the Emperor
T says in effect: Austria may go on with the
L war, but you must not mobilise. This is
in express contradiction to Grey’s proposal,
which was : If Austria suspends her operations
' we will ask you to suspend your mobilisation. l
Glaukos is then completely wrong, and in- •
excusably wrong. His statement that the
Russian Government knew that the German
Emperor was throwing his whole weight on
the side of this proposal is as flagrant a
perversion of the truth as it would be possible
to End. ä
We have additional evidence against the ‘
, statement made by Glaukos that the German {
Emperor threw his whole weight into the
p acceptance of this proposal. On july 30th,
after it must have been well known to him, `
g Prince Henry telegraphed to King George. P
` In this telegram there is no reference whatever l"
to this suggestion which had been communicated I
to the German Government the day before, Q
and had probably already been transmitted
to Vienna. The only practical suggestion
which Prince Henry has to make is that Rus- i
. sian mobilisation should be stopped and that 5