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German Emperor sent only one telegram; it ~
has not the slightest reference to this proposal.
It contains nothing of any kind except a
protest against Russian mobilisation; it is ë
an imperious demand that this mobilisation
E should cease, and there is no suggestion that
if it is suspended, any concession will be made ;
i by Austria. This is so important that it
may be well to quote the telegram as a ?
4 whole: y
" My Ambassador has instructions to direct r
the attention of your Government to the ¤
u dangers and serious consequences of a mobi-
ï lisation. I have told you the same in
A my last telegram. Austria­Hungary has
mobilised only against Serbia, and only a ‘
_ part of her army. If Russia, as seems
E to be the case, according to your advice
. and that of your Government, mobilises
ä against Austria­Hungary, the part of the
mediator With which you have entrusted
me in such friendly manner and which E
I have accepted upon your express desire,
is threatened, if not made impossible. The Fl
Y entire Weight of decision now rests upon
E your shoulders; you have to bear the g
T responsibility for war or peace/’ A
è This telegram was sent at 1 a.rn. on the
4 ?