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weight into the acceptance of the proposal.
His mediation had indeed been appealed to ,
by the Czar and promised in solemn words. I
" Moreover, the diplomacy of the Entente i
already scented a changed attitude at Vienna
as early as the 29th. Sazonoff also was naturĀ­ i
ally acqnainted with the important and favourĀ­ R
able conversation which Schebeko had with j
Berchtold on the 30th. E
" Summing up, we can say: The Russian
Government knew the formula, knew the
powerful support given to it at Vienna by V
London and Berlin, knew the unmistakable
signs of Austrian concession.
" In a word, Russia knew: the acceptance
of the German-English proposal for mediation
was imminent.
" Further, had Vienna said yes, the Russian
Government could foresee that the French
and the English Governments would be forced
by their peoples to insist on the consent of
Russia also to the peaceful solution of the
world crisis. If Russia gave this, then it was
all up with her war. Did she refuse, then
it was all up with the Entente. The Russian
Government was only too well informed as
to the intellectual forces which it had to
fear in France and England. They knew