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rrrm TRUE cmccmuou. L
. The true basis of judgment is the «
T balance upon either side of the principal
theatre of war of equipped and fully
munitioned units. It is the number of
V men actually trained and in the üeld and ä
provided with all arms; their rate of
wastage, their command of increased or
diminishing munitionment, the rate at
which they can produce and put into
action and feed their chief weapons-
these are the factors and the only factors
that count.
" ENEMY on rma 1>mum~rsrvn.
The enemy is everywhere upon the
r defensive-­a situation to which he will
make exceptions by attempted counter-
‘ olfensives, but which in its general lines i
y now imposes itself upon him. He no
longer can count upon one portion of that
which hems him round lacking in muni-
y tionment. He no longer can count upon
A a maintenance of armies in the field A
equivalent in number to his opponents,
and the whole scheme of the great war ‘
E represented as a complex of strains is
reversed in August, 1916, from what it j
T was in August, 1915. The pressure is y
F 51