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l complete the apparently trifling story of
the change. =
Turning to the East he would see that
thoughthe recent Russian olfensive had ‘
E gained the salient of Lutsk and that of f
the Bukovina, yet the advance from the ‘
Vistula whieh had taken plaee in the i
beginning of these twelve months mueh l
more than eompensated for sueh a recent
loss, and that the lines as a whole stood ï
at the extreme point to whieh the enemy
had pushed them when his advance was l
‘ exhausted last autumn. T
Against the Russian ooeupation of
te1‘1·ito1‘y in Aimenia he would set the l
enemy’s in the Balhans. His eonelusion
i Would loe no more than a confused idea
that upon the balance, if anything, the
enemy had gained.
But evefyone who is following the
realities of the great war, from those who
merely follow it as sttulents in the Press
l to those who are actually eondueting it
” in the l·lighe1· (lommands of the Allies
and of our opponents, knows very well
that a ealeulus of this kind based upon
the h(%l‘l`llJO]`y held upon the map, is