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bo not achicvcd, if, though ovory military g
factor is now in our hands, a comploto
victory and comploto punishmont is not j
achiovod and oxactod, wo havo looforo us ,
aftor victory only tho rocrudosconco of ,
strugglos in which our civilisation will A
disappoar. Thoro can bo no folly morc ,
incpt in charactor, morc criminal in its
ignoranco, than tho folly of sparing thoso l
whom wo now hold, or of giving thom to
boliovo that tho infamios which thoy do
not tlzrccoton but incroasingly porpetmtc
shall go unpnnishod. Thc morc thoy foar, d
not tho groator rosistanco shall wo find, Q
but tho groator disordor in thoir plans. l
II. Bmlhoc. T
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