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It is not an enviable 0118. It still admits
Hd of large reserves of me11 as drafts from
gw the categories Just enumorated, the con-
hè valescents, the German class 1918, part
ml of the Austro-Hungarian lclass 191El, and
Tic certain balances of the hitherto reyected
CSS 1n the classes ’16-and .’l7. But 1t has
Ed against 1t a numerical tide upon the side
Ch of the Allies Which .1s constantly rising,
he and a power. of munitionment U.p011 bhfälï
in part which 1S rising 1n even more rapid
l 6 prop0rt1o11.
zy rm nnrnimrmms op rmruivrrn.
The third year of the war will be
x determined not by military factors--so
Q; far as these are concerned, the issue is
St now mathematically certain-but by poli-
aj tioal factors. _ A complete success depends
le upon the strict co-operation of the whole
FS Alhanee, and in particular upon a deter-
mination to exercise a true military execu-
ï tion against tl1e aggressors who, in their
6 original formidable superiority, believed
` themselves free to break every convention
of honour and tradition among (ihristian
Y men. If through a11y wealïness in cohe-
sion or in sternness of purpose tl1e end