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What further fortunes this novel and
probably eonelusive phase of the war may
= · bring, only the future can show. But the
situation is already clear. The Central
Empires no longer possess a true strategic
reserve ; they ean still draft in their class
1918, only part of which has been used
as yet by Austria-Hungary, none of which
has yet been put into the field by the f
German Empire. They have a certain ·
number of the balance of classes 1916 l
and 1917, who have been hitherto put
back because they were immature ; they
have the convalescents who are released
from the hospitals. Their superiority in .
munitionment has disappeared. They ë
are probably already inferior to the Allies I
as a whole in this factor; they must ,D
necessarily be inferior to the Allies as a U
whole in this factor increasing as time L,
proceeds. Their superiority in numbers
has long disappeared, and what remaining U
chance of a decision remained to them 6
has been thoroughly thrown away in the ,3]
F . . . ' ` .
Trentino and at Verdun. O
In such a posture we leave the enemy
at the close of this second year of the war. S1