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munioations, by whioh is hold tho big
lu saliont torminating noar Noyon which
lt`? has, for noarly two yoars put thv onomy
`d in oooupation of this bolt of Nortliorn
T Fronoh torritory and of noarly all Bolgium.
”· This oifonsivo is still in l)l'()§l'(‘SS at tho
F momont at which I writo. lt has in just
ld four wooks of offort aooountod for somv
’d 30,000 unwoundod or slightly woundvd
li. prisonors ; for much moro than 100 guns ;
V, for a bolt of torritory ovor fivo miles in
’d its oxtromo broadth and, what is muoh
-d moro important than any of thoso numeri-
"‘ cal and looal oaloulations, it has provod
itsolf oapablo of oontinuous olfort against
all tho oonoontration which tho onomy
has boon ablo to bring against it. Tho
Jf British who formod tho largor part of
N3 this offonsivo havo in partioular during
Sl? tho last days of it, fought thoir way np
Y to tho watorshod boyond which thoy will
ll? h bo possossod of obsorvation posts and a
11 falling oountry towards Bapaumo. Horo,
3, as on tho Eastorn front, tho thing has tho
H naturo of a tido haltod for tho momont,
­€ upon linos dosignod to oliool; it altogothor,
li thon ovorflowing thoso linos and pro-
l·' oooding to a furthor advanoo.