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11 divisions, but the Russian tide, eheeked
spasmodieally by such reinforcement, still
went 011. Even at the moment of Writing
the iifth of its advances has seeurcd
another el0,0()() prisoners in a few days,
in a local break through in the Lutsk
salient, and close upon a hundred guns.
A new Russian olfensive developed in the
centre against Baranovitchi Junetion did
not reach its objective, but it prevented
further reinforcements going down south.
A fortnight later, before the end of July,
yet another smaller oifensive developed
in the extreme north in fro11t of Riga and
at its first onset aequired a belt of twclve
miles from the enemy.
run GREAT Anvimeu.
It Was already clear with the end of
June that the whole structure of the Great
War had changed, When, With the last
hours of that month, there suddenly
broke forth the general bombardment J
along the northern part of the Western ;
front, followed by the Great Offensive, _
the infantry of which was launehed upon ;
the lst of July in Pieardy along the ~
Upper Somme Valley, driving straight ­
at the heart of the main German eom­‘ .