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he stood before upon the Italian front ;
in the Balkans very far extended,
W oecupying all Montenegro and Serbia, and
with the Bulgarian forces as his ally. It
further sees the attempt upon the Dar-
danelles abandoned and the original force
in Mesopotamia captive.
As against this it sees a eonsiderable
advance of the Russians from the (lau-
casus, such that they now hold the whole i
of Armenia. y
rum Mmlinzne er Tina Mar. ­
Were the future student of history to
reckon, as do seine of our contemporaries, El
l by the map, what could he make of the
y contrast? Nothing at all. He could g
only tell you that the line in the West
, upon the second anniversary of the Declar-
ation of War ran everywhere within a few
yards of its trace twelve months before. «
Upon a little sector in front of Verdun
i it would show an enemy crescent gain at 1
the deepest of four miles, feathering down _ °
to nothing. In the Champagne a similar h
i belt, but less deep; another, smaller in
h extent, in Pieardy, and the recent inden-
tation some 15 miles long by live only
y at its deepest point in Picardy would