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ïï ‘ The Russian General Brussilov attaeked
he that cordon upon June 4th, 1916, after
JS_ a preliminary bombardment eomparable
hg to, but less intense, than the eorresponding
he Anglo-Freneh bombardment upon the
TV Western front in the autumn before. The
hè Austrian line gave way. A huge gap
M. opened in it in front of Lutsk and another
Hd smaller one in front of Gzernowitz.
Cavalry came into play ; surrenders were
free and upon a very large seale. In the
lm. very first effort, in the ürst few weeks,
Lm something like half the original foree was
hè out of aetion, and more than a quarter
OH remained as prisoners in Russian hands.
ff The seale of the disaster, significant as p
it is, is less significant than the index it
,30 formed to the revolution which had eome
Cd over the whole nature of the war. It was
ub elear that from this moment onwards the E
en enemy had lost his initiative and would
gm now be defending himself against the l
,1% ever-inereasing pressure of the Allies. «
00 The Germans put together every man
ZPB they eould to save the situation. They i
m seraped up altogether the equivalent of L