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mi _ In the first place their only two roads
E and railways for branehing down on to
ie the Plain were strongly held upon either
its flank by Italian forces, which they were
Ot unable to break, the one on the -A(llrQ`(‘,
bh the other on the Brenta valley. In the
m second place they were coming: to an
end of their aceumulated steek of pro-
lm Visions (though not of munitionment)
nl tor their enormous coneentration of heavy
guns; in the third place they suffered
bil grievously from laek of lwater. The
_ Asiago Plateau always surfers from this
Ol in summer in spite of the melting of the
ïn p snows upon the mountains, beeause of its
bä permeable lime stonelcharacter. There
wt followed a week of hesitation, when {rom
h' June 4th to J une llth the new Italian
concentration on the rim of the upland
hé basm securely held the enemy and forhade
W p his descent upon the plains and his euttmg
of the Italian communication. ,
l1<‘ Tim Ausrmks m<.m1<1>oxvx. {
um Somewhere about the löth June the l
H" enemy’s neeessity for a retreat was de-
Sl) eided upon. The Auslrians eouhl no ,
ld longer maintain themselves in sueh vast l
numbers in these arid uplands. Their