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success must be rapid to be of service, but
it was particularly the case in the Trentino A ’
because the enormous armies bunched
r south of the bottle-neel; of one single
mountain railway could feed only on its
accurnulated provisions and could not
properly be supplied over any great length
of time by that one railway alone. On
the other hand, as at Verdun so in the
Trentino, a rapid success would achieve
innnediate and grave results.
The stroke could not be delivered until
the season was sufliciently advanced for
the mountain roads to be cleared of snow.
The oilïensive was launched in exactly
the middle of‘ May. It proceeded with
diiiieulty for one iïortnight. In the first
days of June it had occupied the last
upland overlooking the Plain upon the
Asiago Plateau. But meanwhile the
Italians had with astonishing celerity
used their inner lines and brought up a _
great concentration to hold the rim of the
upland. On June 4Lth it was clear that
the Austrians could advance no further.
they were hampered in three ways so
severely that sueeess was clearly beyond
their reach :