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The Austro­Hungarians informed Berlin
in that the very most they could possibly
m gather for such an enterprise was 18 divi-
01. sions. They had behind them only one
m line of railway running through a narrow
[ , mountain alley ; most of the food and all
16 the munitionment for the attempt had
to be accuinulated for months by this
one avenue.
ts rma Piami. or ITALY.
ut `
IS Should the attempt succeed, it would
36 have the very decisive effect of cutting
ly the main Italian line of communication.
No other army of the Allies was in this
situation. The communications of the
te ‘ French, the English, the Russians ran .
he straight back from their lines and were
ng invulnerable; but those of the Italians
alll were threatened everywhere in Hank by
ry the enemy and especially from the Tren­ p
ch tino at the two capital points of Verona
ag and Vieenza, which lie on the edge of the l
gft Plain immediately under the mountains. *
ht As at Verdun so in the Trentino, four
an months were occupied in the eoneentra-
tion. As at Verdun so in the Trentino
' l