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A renmino " vmRr>UN."
The first is the Austrian breakdown in
y the Trentino, the plans of which had been
drawn up in Berlin and the orders for
which had emanated from the German
and not the Austrian Higher Command ;
the second is the breakdown of the
Austrian defensive line in the East.
The attack against the Italians in the
Trentino was an exact repetition in its
details of the attack upon Verdun. But
the point to notice is that both blunders
proeeeded from the same source: The
inelastie Higher Command of the enemy
with its centre at Berlin.
The Austrians were bidden by the ‘
Germans who direct them, to mass the
greatest possible number of men and guns
against the only part of the Alpine wall
where there was suffieiently open country
to deploy for several miles in line. Such
an opportunity was framed by the tracing
of the frontier fifty years ago, which left
a peeuliar advantage to Austria in this
district, thrusting her territories right
down to within view of the Italian