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was prodigious, and though the con-
311 tinuous shelling of the French trenches
ly by pieces superior in number and weight
ld to what the French could bring against l
them cost the French a high proportion in
dead, yet the total losses of opponent and
zd defender remained throughout the long
a story of these operations approximately
en the same, and in the ratio of two to five.
e. For every two thousand French casualties
of you may reckon about 5,000 German.
en The calculus is not by this time based .
is mainly or even partially upon (_ä()llj(‘(%lJlll'(‘.
er The French Intelligence is now possessed
is of so many documents captured from the y
rd enemy ; has been able to identify so many i
of units; to follow their movement, dis- i
of integration and recruitment, as to render [
it this estimate certain within a small margin ‘
at of error. `
A GERMAN msxsreu. g
It was this prodigious expense in men
which gave to the experiment of Verdun l
is after the iirst few days of its inception
E the disastrous character which it was to
q bear for German arms, and to decide all
LG · · rw I
it the future course of the war. Two dates l
in particular should be noted by the {