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battalions which formed the spear-heads,
as it were, of the deep divisional forma-
tion, a company, say from 200 to 250 men
was thrown forward ; a second company
immediately succeeding it in a second
Observe the result. You have indeed
not a dense formation attacking, but a
reasonably open order of about 500 men
advancing against 1,500 yards of line.
Behind them comes the second wave of
another 500. The impression of open
order is maintained. But the assault is
continued with further and further
fragments successively detached in this
fashion from the column formation behind
and the total result after many hours of
such efforts, by which time the whole of
the effectives present have been brought
into play was, in effect, that two great
columns had been launched in a density of
from 12 to 15 men a yard.
rue mrro or Lossms.
In the rare cases when such attacks
succeeded the cost of the result was
heavy enough ; in the much more
numerous cases where they failed it 4