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g The Second Year of the
§ War
ey llll,All<li s1«:1,Loe l
Y .
The sevond year of the War opened
with the enemy strongly upon the defen- l
sive in the West and more than half way
through his advance aeross Poland in the ‘
East. But, mueh more important than l
the geographieal situation, it opened with y
the enemy still in possession of very large
reserves of men (the details I shall turn
` to in a moment) ; while on the West the
immense potential numerieal margin of
Great Britain had not yet eome into play,
l and on the East, not only equipment for
men, but the most necessary munition-
ment Was laeking.
That second year ends with the enemy
. partly upon the offensive, partly upon the
deiïensive in the West; upon the defen-
sive in the main upon the East, and having
lost there two belts of territory, the one
some 130 miles deep, the other some
50 miles. It sees the enemy much where