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of heights from three to four miles round
the town, and from this line he advanced
only in the most painful fashion and only
in certain narrow sections, meeting with a
resistance which clearly showed the
difference between the quality of the two
infantries opposed.
THE ivinrnon or Armen.
There have been considerable but futile
discussions upon whether the enemy
maintained throughout his effort against
the sector of Verdun his old doctrine of the
close formation or no. Those in the thick
of the nghting who could bear testimony
appeared themselves to differ upon the
point. But the difficulty is resolved at
once if we consider what the methed of
German attach had become.
A Miisicnu cowivm Foiuinmon.
It is true that after each bombardment
the enemy now sent forward small bodies
in very open order who were no more than
scouts, who should test the eïect of the
bombardment and see whether it was pos-
sible for the;_main body to advance. It is
true that when the main body advanced it