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the extremely rapid concentration which 1
the French effected to meet the new blow.
1 For the rest the German effort proceeded 1
1 upon the lines laid out for it. The head of 1
1 shell accumulated was so enormous that e
S the first intensive bombardment could be 1
3 succeeded by others and yet others con- ‘
¥ tinuously for a period of many months, ¥
3 and though there would be lengthening {
3 intervals between each deluge of shell,
¥ wave upon wave of effort could be
{ launched for an almost indefinite period.
Had the enemy not pinned himself so ·
W exclusively to the superiority of his
1 heavy pieces; had he depended more 1
{ upon the value of his infantry, he might 1
E have reached his goal. As it was he con- ?
7 spicuously failed. In the first six days he I
3 pressed forward over a belt of country 1
v varying from two to four miles in depth. ·
3 He took more than 8,000 prisoners (he .
E announced 16,000, but he included therein 1
3 as is his custom, all losses whatsoever
suffered by his opponent). He put out of
action and captured a total of field pieces ‘
more than seventy. But he did not
J crush back the mass of the French forces
T against the river. He was checked at the 1
1; French second position which follows a rim