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power of munitionment, especially for 4
heavy pieces, was gradually disappearing. 1
Paummrrous Fort Armor. ‘
We have seen that corps were specially y
called back to the interior of Germany for ,
reposing, training and even feeding `
caloulated towards the end in view.
G Light railways were built upon every side. _
Heavy artillery was concentrated to the 3
_ number of over one thousand pieces-all
that could be spared-and slowly massed 1
in the woods by Spineeurt, and an im- t
mense head of shell accumulated during
the four winter months. The uniit were A.
thoroughly combed out and every é
possible man taken to swell the German
effectives. Glass 1916 after some four
months training were sent forward to the i
local depots behind the front with the i
object of throwing it into the fightinglthe l
moment the losses should become serious. Q
Glass 1917 began to be called out (in the i
month of December). On the 19th of
February, 1916, the first shots of the in- y
tensive bombardment against the Verdun »
sector were fired, and on Monday the 21st
- of February the great German offensive i
was launched. `