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nes. Egypt, the security of which was still not y
3ï0I1 sufàciently established, unfortunately, in
läbïlï the opinion of this country. (
But the great War as a whole is only l
(HSG concerned with the failure of the Dar-
1@d· danelles as a subsidiary enterprise. What ;
.H&_ was really towards throughout the lull of ,
was the late winter, and was to mark the 1
mss whole campaign for ever and to decide its ;
ties final phase, was the great German attack
1. Of upon Verdun.
the ENElrIY’S suriname wrom.
iom We have just seen what the combined ,
scheme of the enemy was ; how it included ,
political action in the East and coupled i
with it the design of attempting what
MY must of its nature be the last effort (there i
was would be no effectives sufficient for a j
was second blow) to obtain a decision against {
wd the French in the West; to obtain it (
Oui? before the continued growth of the British
ibm forces shou.ld render them over-whelming E
Em and before Russia should be re-armed.
_m‘ The German Empire, leaving to the Q
inst Austrians the task of holding the Italians
lm 3 and the South Russian front (where only ·
5 to a small admixture of German troops was