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le of the Allies proportionate to the weakness
or absenoe of a proper censorship. This
wing led, for some time at least, to a dangerous
S the military result : The looking up of forces
MCD in Egypt, who were therefore of no service,
lgh ä and the attempt to effect a political coup
thats in the Tigris Valley and against Bagdad t
MOL with grossly insufilcient forces.
rum- T
the t
crosns or mrumn. t
any . t
the It was clear to all considered judgment l
àllïeïl long before this date that the attempt to
t itt force the Turkish lines in the Gallipoli t
Peninsula would be impossible unless there
could be brought against them the same ;
F Of weight of metal as permitted the carrying
mmv of trenches in any other field of this new 1
the trenoh warfare. The Turkish lines de-
fending the Narrows of the Dardanelles i
id 3, could not be forced unless the 7,000 yards
tn Of of their trace were subjected to a bom- 1
lssiäj bardment at least as heavy as that which g
carried the first two lines before Loos. g
Even a head of shell and the presence of
‘¤ of heavy pieces as numerous as that which {
ääïïä had been at work in Champagne and {
mug before Loos in September would only