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halt force up the Vardar Valley so long as there
Um appeared any chance at all of the rem-
ëry nants of the Serbian army effecting a
but junction with them. But that army had
ml, delayed too long in the north, in the vain
sed hope to hold impossible positions ; it had
Of been compelled to retreat westward across
ms the mountains, and though more than half
uw of it was saved to fight side by side with
M, the Allies in the ensuing year, it lost all its
_ artillery and all the territory it had l
desired to save, and the small Anglo-
French force which had pushed up into I
the mountains fell back again upon
nhg Salonika.
1a I
ger E l
I.d_ Fmurs or A wise Mevr;. y
glad Though it had effected nothing to
bhê change the local military situation, the f
ms phrase " very Wisely ", Which I have used
mv in connection with the decision to occupy g
Salonika, has already been justiiied.
In the first place, had not the Allies
gyy occupied Salonika it Would directly or ,
,118 indirectly have been made without a
rm doubt a naval base for the service of the
ml enemy, and it is the only port on the ,