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Eä Treaty between the Balkan States agreed,
M but had been put under Serbian rule.
{G There is, therefore, something tragically
mg ironical in the fact that Bulgaria now
SG entered inte the war upon Austria’s side
ur for the destruction of Serbia.
ld mmm emmers er senerm cimmrex.
Q; It was evident that with these forces
` at play, a strong Austro-German attack
from the north, and a Bulgarian attack
from in flank, the position of the Serbian
Kia Army was untenable. It was equally
Bd. evident that the qoverrunning of all Serbia
bly , could not possibly give a decision te the ,
for enemy, vnor even approach the end of the
ml What it could de was te open a 3
mm highway to unite the Central` Empires
Of and their Ally Turkey, whlornltney could {
ms _ nowamply provision, while it was Just g
wu possible that the absenee of aa eensorship
ich in England would allow panic, er at any
the rate seine disarray, to arise when unin- ,
wm e structed opinion should note the presence
DQT, of the Central Bowers at Constantinople, ;
*2]]],,% and the possibility apparent only to men
110,0 insignificant in Judgment but numerous ä
Crew and powerful, that Egypt might be