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i Q he put into the interior and subjected
Q to a special training, to form the spear
ë head of the blow he intended to strike
ë against the French in the early part of the
ë next year. He designed to give these
g six divisions between three and four
months of repose from fighting and of
exercise peculiar to the task they would
Q have to undertake. His plans even in-
cluded a special scale of victualling for
these bodies !
nurexiuri nncmvns THE sremr.
i [ Next, he informed the King of Bulgaria
i that an attack upon Serbia was planned.
y The King of Bulgaria had been secretly `
y in alliance with the Central Empires for
some months, and only waited a signal
to come into the field. It was Austria
which had denied Bulgaria the fruits of
her victories in the Balkan VVar ; it was ·
due to Austria that Serbia had not been
granted those Albanian territories which
were her goal and an outlet upon the
Adriatic. It had been due to Austria
l that those territories where Serbia proper,
Greece and Bulgaria join, which are
mainly Bulgarian in population, had not
er been granted to Bulgaria, as the secret