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military object, would have the military
‘ advantage of giving him a further recruit-
ment in numbers. Secondly, to create
disarray in the plans of one or more of
his opponents by threatening them un-
expectedly in distant parts of their
dominions. Thirdly, to strike hard while
yet there was time at the most militarily
formidable of his opponents, the only
fully mobilised conscript great Power with
which he had had to deal, the French.
The French were, luokily for him,
normally only one-third of his own
_, strength. And though he was here
meeting what he regarded as equals, he l
hoped to meet them with overwhelming
numbers before his exhaustion should
have gone too far. g
THE iron ïrnsrs ms scmaim. f
I This combined scheme he began putting g
in order at once in this same month of Q
October, 1915, when he saw that the
separate peace with Russia was hopeless, á
and that his anxieties in recruitment were §
He first withdrew from his still ample á
forces in the West six divisions which