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enemy. They did not believe that for
a full year, or, at any rate, not until well
á into the summer of 191.6, would Great
E Britain be able to produce a formidable
offensive force in mere numbers, and
i when or if those mere numbers should
z appear, they were coniident that the
difflculties of officering such a force and
the impossibilities of giving it fully trained
staffs would leave it incapable of arriving
; at any decision in the West. The English
power of equipment, upon the other hand,
they did not under-estimate, for they
’* knew the industrial capaeities of Great
y Britain and they appreoiated the strength
T of the British Fleet and its power of
T keeping the sea open for the obtaining
of munitionment and material from i
l neutral markets-notably from the United l
Upon the whol.e they under-estimated I
even this factor in the growth of the ‘
T British power, but they still more under- ,
estimated the probable offensive strength
of British personnel after winter and
‘ spring should be passed.
izmmws comemr or nossni.
What of Russia? Here the ene1ny’s