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! 1
g and he must now consider some alter-
E native.
__‘How did he stand as against his
opponents °?
These opponents were four in number
of the great Powers with the Serbian and
a fraction of the original Belgian forces
among the smaller Powers.
mm sraniwerii or ITALY.
The Italian forces were possessed, he
knew, of a very large reserve indeed.
· I The enemy believed that the Italian
armies in the field would do little more
for many months than " hold " some
twenty to twenty­five Austrian divisions
upon either frontier. But he knew that
the factor of wastage would here be of no
significance in his own favour; though V
the Italians should do no more than I
" hold " from twenty to twenty-five Q
Austrian divisions, yet they could go on p
holding those forces indefinitely.
y wmir or maison
France he knew to be more or less in
the same stage of exhaustion as himself.
_ The French had the discipline and courage