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times as rapid as the maximum possible
rate of recruitment. 4
But there is another abnormal source
of recruitment to which a conscript nation
can turn when the phase of exhaustion
. begins to appear, and that second ab-
normal source is the calling up of men
hitherto rejected for physical reasons.
It is an even better proof of the need for
men than the calling up of immature
classes, and it is remarkable that in this
same month of October the German
{ Empire iirst began "co1nbing out " as 1
· the phrase goes, all those who had been
previously classed as unfit. {
{ cmuuANY’s maw smmmiou.
{ From the above we discover that this I
moment, the entry into the month Octo­ *
{ ber, 1915, marlïed in every way a change
in the enemy’s situation. {
{ He was beginning to enter a new state {
I of affairs with regard to his man power, ,
{ and upon that his next plans would l
F depend. He had hopcd for a decision
{ in the East before reaching such straits ; {
{ he had failed to achieve that decision {
, J