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V up Glass 1915. While the advance
l through Poland was in progress the first
ä abnormal recruitment began and the
German Empire " borrowed " as it were
the young men who were normally only
due next year. They called up 1916
Glass during August and September. The `
various portions of this Glass belonging i
i to various States of the German Empire V
E were called up at different times, but all
j were under training by the entry into
y October which I have called the first
g critical point in the second year.
j l
THE wiismen or wim. ‘ ä
It should, of course, be clearly under- E
stood that the losses in a war of this sort
­-enormously heavier than anyone had
dreamt of when the old calculations were
made in time of peace-far exceed the A (
recruiting power of a nation. The rate ;
of absolute loss of an army in the field
has proved in the course of the war to '
fluctuate between 4 per cent. and 6 per I
cent. per month. The conscript re- F
cruiting power of the same army is, even F
in the mature classes, under 1 per cent.
per month. Roughly speaking the rate Y
_ of wastage has proved to be four to five '