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From that year up to about 40 it
" mobilises "; that is, turns yearly to J
purposes of war its male population.
In conscript countries each yearly relay
of young men called to arms is named a
‘ Class, and each such Class is designated
J by the year in which the men composing
Z it attain their 20th birthday. The later
; in the year we call out the Class the larger
J the proportion who will be over 20, and J
the earlier in the year the smaller the J
proportion. It is generally allowed that J
T calling out these young men, all of them J
well over 19 and many of them over 20, J
is part of the normal recruitment of a
conscript force. J
As a matter of fact, in time of peace
men do not start their training until J
a year later. The Germans who marched
J into France, for instance, in 1914, were, `
J the youngest of them (excluding the J
J Volunteers), not 20 but 21 years of age. _
' Aiaivoizirirr Rnoeurrmmr Brems. J
J Well, in the first year of the War the
J Germans had called up Class 1914 during J
J November and December. And during J
J May and June oi 1915 they had called J
. J