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E- 2
i recruitment. For Austria-Hungary being
, somewhat more exhausted all along than
§ the German Empire on account of her
great initial losses against the Russians
at the beginning of the war, whatever
phase of exhaustion we find in the German ,
Empire we may be certain is to be found ·
accentuated in Austria-Hungary at the
same time.
German recruitment then, to take that l
test, stood as follows : J
j Up to about the period when the line ï
of the Vistula was reached and Warsaw
occupied, German recruitment had de-
pcnded upon nothing but normal sources
of supply, and so long as a field force is
dependent upon normal sources of supply
for its recruitment, one cannot say that
even the first stages of exhaustion had 1
begun. F
_ Nommf sormcns ou sUi>i>LY. »
What do we mean by normal sources
of supply? A conscript nation going to I
` war has at its disposal all able bodied I
men. It counts as mature and able to g
give a maximum percentage for the field t
· the lads who are in their 21st year. ,