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British with oertain French contingents
to the south of them in the region between (
La Bassee and Lens, in which Loos has l
given its name to the action as a whole. 1
T This attack was struck upon a front of
6 to 7 à miles. It penetrated far into the l
L German defences, and at one point it
x reached Hill 70, cutting the La läassee
and the Lens road, but it did not shift the .
German line as all whele, still less per- l
_ manently pierce it, while te the south ,
the French just north oi fii·ïa:a liatl zi. l
similar imperiect success. They ap- T
proaehed te and in places re:u·l1;=<l. the T
heights doniinating the lllalins Lens, l
i but could go no further.
The true cause of this halt anal oi the
failure oi? the Allies in the West to pieree
or even considerably shift the enen1y’s
l line was that the head oi shell aecumu-
lated was insufhcient for the tasl;. After
the strilïing of the iirst blow an intensive
bombardment was no longer possible. All
that could be done was to press on
expensively With infantry for several days,
to resist counter-attacks trom the eoun ter-
coneentration the enemy had brought up,
l and then to put an end to the operation.