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j many days of heavy bombardment all
E along the line from the Vosges right up
j to the sea. And when the attack itself j
ä · was delivered this bombardment had 1
only just ceased. l
It was upon the morning of Saturday, ï
September 25th, that the two blows were t
ramen rrrorr nr cnimrxcur.
l The chief effort undertaken by the Q
French in Champagne was over a total j
front of about 17 miles, from the village
of Auberive to the market town of Ville
T sur Tourbe just outside the Argonne
· Forest. The attack was delivered in
mass, was expensive and, though causing A
surprisingly heavy losses to the enemy
(as was ascertained later from captured
documents and an analysis of his lists)
it did not attain its main object. It j
carried the lirst German line in 48 hours,
with many thousand unwounded prisoners
and over thirty guns, but beyond that
real progress could not be made. ~
’ roos Aim irs Lrssors.
Almost exactly the same thing on a
smaller scale had been carried out by the
.l 1