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Q i
5 3
i the enemy could have brought back his
1 troops from the East, would have been I
Q an error, although it would have permitted T
a still larger aceumulation of shell. It _ .
E was hoped that the existing head of shell ,
T would be suflicient for th.e task, and the `
amount was calculated upon what the p
enemy had delivered in his successful
I attack upon the lines of the Dunajetz .
¥ five months before. E
‘ But there was this great difference l
T between the two situations : That in the T
i attack upon the Russians the Austro-
Germans were delivering their great
Q inasses of shell against an enemy very ill
provided with heavy guns and almost at
Q the end of his stock of munitions, while
TP the offensive of the Allies in the West was
ii being delivered against an enemy whose
4 power of munitionment was still superior
to our men.
E The plan devised by the French Higher
Command had in it, one element of novelty.
· The points upon which a special eiïort
{ was to be made had, oi course, required
iong preparation, and had probably been
i noted by the enemy already. But the
, enemy was deoeived in some degree by